Currently the international art scene is characterised by an outstanding deficit of representation. Is it legitimate to call “internazionale d’arte” the world’s most celebrated exhibition of art, taking place every other year in Venice, if a third of the people of the world is unrepresented? We see the limits of the status quo and our resolve is to address this issue through an inclusive multilateral action. Stemming from the private initiative we call for the public responsibility and private thought leaders, artists, activists, intellectuals, communities, museums to cooperate to close this anachronistic, unwanted gap and together build a more cohesive, colourful, participative experience. 

The current institutional shortcomings are occasions for private initiative where public and private interests converge to create a unique experience of inclusion through art. Strong of broadened, ideally universal countries’ representation we aim to gather representatives from each African country at the Venice Biennale, making the visible the art of countries that so far have been invisible because of the lack of national pavilions or transversal regional projects. 

Our goal is to offer a unique exhibition space to all African countries within the Venice Laguna during the Biennale of Art. All countries will be able to select and show the art which best captures the soul of their nation at a given time, thus contributing to make the Venice Biennale a truly global experience, closing the representation gap of this world-class centuries-old initiative and ultimately making art a vessel for inclusiveness at a deeper individual and collective level.

We believe in richness through diversity, openness through inclusion, understanding through dialogue, peace above all through acceptance and the embrace of diversities, mutually enriching through contact, exposure and connection. 

We trust in curiosity, in the courage of dialogue, in the strength of culture, in the power of creativity as ways of overcome distance and fear of whom and what we do not know. 

We believe in discovery, playfulness and awareness as instruments of knowledge: the most powerful tool, along with love, to understand the complex, multifaceted world we live in. 

We advocate for a truly global art space, as only inclusiveness will nurture our capacity to understand and address the individual and collective challenges of our time, portraying the complex dimensions of the world we are part of, as well as capturing the myriad colour nuances of light.


Art is an instinctive portrait of complexity. It is the simplest form given to meaning. It is the way of reconciling infinite views into an image, scattered elements of reality into a unicum with a superior power of communication.

Art, in all its forms, is a vehicle of immediate expression: whether it is understood in its thoughtful meaning, or felt in its ultimate message, art is a magical mean of communication. It goes beyond words, unafraid of borders, it crosses language barriers. It talks to our eyes, to our hearts, to our senses. It speaks to our beliefs, to our values, to our references and yet, each one of us can feel, experience, interpret it according to our own view. It is essentially relative and ultimately absolute: it is a simpler yet deeper vehicle of meaning who talks (or doesn’t) to our inner self.


Art is as strong as the message it conveys. Art is inclusive: it is private and secretive until it leaves the walls of the studio and reaches the public. Then, it becomes a powerful instrument of communication, bridging cultures, speaking of values, beliefs, dreams and fears. 

In a world of diversities, where fear feeds anger, divisions and barriers, we stand for inclusion, as means of aggregation, understanding and peace. We welcome globalisation as vehicle of tolerance and the acceptance of diversity. We believe in dialogue, proximity and connections as bridges to grow closer, less divisive and fearful. We trust in art as engine of curiosity, fascination and connection.